Jesus at the Center of My Family (Recap)

In the chaos of the day to day schedules and conflict within the family life can seem hopeless. BUT there is hope, not in a change of situation, not in a sudden calm in the storm, not in an immediate cease fire, but in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ brings hope to you family. Placing Jesus Christ at the Center of our families will have a profound affect on them. This is a daily decision and it begins by organizing and structuring our particular families according to Jesus' direction in Scripture.

Our first week in the series we saw that God defines and designs our families. He made them and we are to follow His lead. We are to trust Him with His plans for our families.

Our second week we moved into Ephesians 5:22-24 and looked at the role of the wife in the marriage relationship. Jesus taught us that submission to your husband is obedience to God. Submission being a willing continual attitude expressed by the wife in the marriage relationship. This is all done not because of the strength or great leadership of the husband but as unto the Lord.

Our third week we moved to Ephesians 5:25-32 and  looked at the very difficult call for the husband. Husbands love your wife like Jesus loves you. Who can do this? No one in their own strength. This is the picture of servant leadership that Jesus so beautifully shows us all throughout the Scripture. The husband's leadership through love allows the family to grow and reflect the Gospel.

Our last week we looked at the parent/child relationship found in Ephesians 6:1-4 and saw that your job in parenting is to be an ambassador for Christ. To properly do this is the parent is to teach their children to obey and honor them all the while by not provoking them. 

Take some time to prayerfully think through these challenges from the Lord and go back and listen to any of these sermons found here.